GTA San Andreas Lite APK+ OBB v11 [200 MB] Download for Android

gta san andreas apk download

Additional Information

App Name GTA San Andreas Lite APK
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Developer by Rockstar Games
Size 90 MB
Required Mobile Version Android 4.4 and up
App Category Action
Price Free
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About GTA San Andreas Lite APK 

GTA Andreas lite apk is the most played simulator action game similar as spider man ultimate power mod apk. It provides an open world-city game experience. Which is a lighter version of GTA series. Which gives the best experience on low-storage mobile phones. Rockstar Games, which is the publisher of this app, has published many GTA series games, which are also known for their unique gaming experience. In this game, you will be able to enjoy unique features like flying on a jet and swimming in water. Amazing missions in the vast places are really interesting for every gamers. This game also has the ultra-complex capability and ultra-lite capability. 

gta san andrease download

 The publisher has designed gta sa lite apk in such a way that the elements of the original game are here. Also, things that are not of use have also been removed, such as transitions and radios. If you want to  GTA san andreas lite apk download then it is not on the play store or any other app. You will be able to download them in the latest version from our website. In gta san andreas lite many of the city of san andreas of America is shown. This state is very similar to California and Nevada. gta San andreas lite apk download also includes three metropolitan cities, their names are San Fierro, Los Santos and Las Venturas.

What Is GTA San Andreas Lite APK Download

In the genre of crime-based action games, gta san andreas lite apk is popular. In this game, you will be able to travel through different cities of the country like America. This game gives great entertainment to those people who have less space on Android phones. Now even if you do not have much money, you can play this game on small Android phones. It is the most-played game in the world. If you are still reading the article then don’t forget to download this game from the post. Because it is unavailable on the google play store.

The game story of GTA San Andreas Lite APK

The story of GTA San Andreas lite apk is fictional and interesting to everyone. Game begins in the early 1990s in a fictional state named San Andreas, inspired by Nevada and California. In this, after spending many years in Liberty City, CJ returns to his home i.e. Los Centers.  Upon his arrival in Los Angeles, he learns that his mother has been murdered and that his family is falling apart. This journey of CJ is followed in a very fanciful way in this game. You will see CJ entering the world of different gangs, crime, and corruption in this game.

Inside this game, you will be able to see CJ descending deep into the underworld. CJ joins different gangs and takes every possible step to defend himself. Multiple missions with different objectives are presented throughout the story. Also, mayanagari game download to play similar kind of game on Android.

GTA san andreas lite apk download also includes a lot of CJ’s childhood friends. His names are Big Smoke and Ryder, and his sister Candle and Caesar are very powerful personalities who help him in different challenging times. And help him to eliminate the enemies by forming alliances. The game is presented around the themes of betrayal, family, loyalty, etc.

Gameplay of GTA San Andreas Lite APK

The gameplay of gta san andreas lite apk has been brought by Rockstar Games in a very interesting way which is quite famous in the GTA series. The main character in this game is CJ which you are going to play in this game. CJ finds his mother’s killer in this game. Because his mother would have been killed by the enemies. You will visit many cities in America to find the goon. In which there will be a lot of danger, then you will have to take care of all these things. Because you will also find corrupt policemen in this game and you will have to fight with them as well. If you want to enjoy this great gameplay and if you do not have much space on your phone, then you can do it gta sa lite apk download because this also works on the phone with less space.

download GTA sa lite apk

In GTA sa lite apk you can drive luxurious cars in the open city, hang out with beautiful girls and even buy your own bungalow-like house with the money. Stealing any person’s car, bike and bus is a common thing in this game. Because the city shown in the game is full of crime. You can also feed your player in 5-star hotels and hang out in cafes till late at night. Morover, buying nice clothes from the clothes shop and also make good friends.

Try to complete the mission by catching the criminals in this game because completion of the mission gta san andreas lite gives you a lot of money. So. you can also upgrade new ambulances, new guns and players in the game. Don’t hesitate to ask your friends for help whenever you find enemies in different cities. Whenever you catch the opponent, then you have to take care of the opponent because he can also have dangerous weapons.

Features of GTA San Andreas Lite APK

Heist of Cars & Bikes

There will be a lot of cars and bikes in the game which are very expensive similer to city skyline apk. You will also find cars like Rolls Royce, Audi and Ferrari in the game. You can even run them. All you have to do is go to that car or bike and press the enter button. You can steal these expensive cars even by going to the car showroom.

GTA SA lite apk game download

Use Various Arms

GTA sa lite apk provides you with dangerous new weapons in the game same as the Free fire cobra apk game. You can use them to kill the enemy and loot anyone. Machine guns and RPGs are both available here, in which you can also add new bullets when all bullets are used.

Genuine Gameplay

Graphics that are similar to other GTA games. The quality of the graphics is quite amazing similar to Tekken 10 apk download. Various locations are shown realistically in the game. The view of people moving on the road, vehicles moving on the road and tall buildings is quite attractive to see. You will see all this so you will feel like you are actually playing the game. The sounds of gunshots and moving vehicles also work very hearable in the game. The background music in Party Club reminds us of the real party.


GTA San Andreas Lite APK is an action-packed game in which you will fight with different gangsters who have troubled your family.  You have to kill him.  When you will do the wrong things in the city then you will also have a counter with the police and you may also be jailed sometime.  You will be able to enjoy a lot of action in it.

Become Biggest Mafia 

GTA sa lite apk provides you with various dangerous weapons to become the biggest mafia in this game.  You can also use a machine gun in this and can also use a sniper which can be very helpful in killing the enemy in front.  Whenever you face the enemy in the sea, you will be able to fight in the sea also.  You will not drown in the water so you will be able to face the enemies even in deep water.

Kill People To Earn Money

This feature is quite interesting in the GTA series.  You can shoot anyone you see on the way. Whenever you hit him and he will die. Then you will get a lot of money from them.  You should pick it up and collect it. You can buy new guns and cars using this money. Those who are masters in this game sometimes shoot the policeman and take his money too.

Support Many Languages

GTA San Andreas lite apk has provided this important feature because, with the help of this feature, people from different countries will be able to understand the game well in their own language. And enjoy it to the fullest. It is available in many languages such as French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and Chinese.

Best Control Support 

GTA San Andreas Lite APK includes three different types of controls which you can use with MOGA Wireless Controller, USB Gamepad, and Bluetooth Gamepad.  By playing games with them, you will be able to get the best gaming experience.

3D Graphics

Graphics are the backbone of the game.  If the graphics of your game are good then the gamers can get good gameplay in this game. In this game, 3D graphics have been used in high quality so that gamers can enjoy the graphics well.

Offline Mode

The game of the GTA series used to run on a computer only but today it has been developed in such a way that it can be easily played on mobile phones as well.  You can play it anytime without the internet even in offline mode.  You can play it in offline mode when you don’t have a stable internet connection.

Open-World Gaming

The fun of playing an open-world game is different.  Through the open-world feature in this game, you can play with any car, police tanker, truck, etc. And you can kill the people you want.  By collecting their money you can buy a new car.


GTA san andreas lite apk game is compatible with different devices.  This means you can enjoy the game using it with different devices.  Many gamers use Bluetooth, USB, Joystick, and WiFi remote control with this game.

Various Missions

GTA sa lite apk will give you a chance to play the game on different missions. You can enjoy these games in a whole new way on Mission 3 and Mission 5. Whenever you complete the mission in the game, you will get a lot of money. You will be able to buy cars, houses, weapons and many other things with this money. You will have to complete different tasks on different missions.

Explore Famous City

In gta sa lite apk download you will get a chance to roam in the famous city of America. You will also be able to hang out with beautiful girls in the city and have dinner with them. In the famous city, you will be able to enjoy the bike by driving it at full speed.

Kill People & Earn Lots of Money

The game gives you guns and weapons, with which you can steal money by killing people in public places in the city. On killing any people, their money falls on the ground, you have to collect it. Which will be added to your account. Many experts kill policemen in this game and steal their money too.

Drive Helicopters And Jetpacks

There are very few action games in which you will get to fly helicopters, but you will be able to do this in this game by doing GTA san andreas lite apk download. You just have to find the helipad in the game. By driving the helicopter, you will be able to see the view of flying birds and clouds in the sky. There are also jetpacks in the helicopter, wearing which you will be able to fly very high.

Swim In The Sea

In the new version of the game, the publisher has also given the option to swim in the sea. Your player will now also be able to swim in water. You will also be able to go swimming in different farmhouses.

Important Characters In The GTA San Andreas Lite APK Download

Melvin ‘Big Smoke’ Harris

Clifton Powell portrayed this character as the manager of Los Santos.

Wu Zi Mu

it’s a blind man in the game.


This girl is CJ’s girlfriend and Caesar’s cousin.

Cesar Vialpando

He is a good friend of CJ. Who also has a lot of girlfriends

Officer Frank Tenpenny

He plays the role of a policeman in the game who is a very mean person.


CJ fighting always with this character.

Sean  Johnson

CJ’s brother is very naive but also powerful.

Characters, Places And Gang’s Names of GTA San Andreas Lite APK

Characters Places Gang’s Name
Wu Zi Mu Liberty City San Fierro Rifa
Melvin ‘Big Smoke’ Harris San Andreas Grove Street Families
Catalina Los Santos San Fierro Triads
Cesar Vialpando Las Venturas Ballas
Jizzy B Alderney Da Nang Boys
The Truth Vice City Varrios Los Aztecas
Officer Frank Tenpenny San Fierro Los Santos Vagos
Lance ‘Ryder’ Wilson San Andreas Gangs
Madd Dogg
Mike Toreno

Amazing Reviews of GTA San Andreas Lite APK

The story of GTA San Andres Lite APK game is very interesting and it has also been given good reviews by a lot of people. This game has been made by RockstarGames in such a way that it can be played on Android mobile very well. It offers smooth gameplay for long hours and can be enjoyed by all age groups on their favorite Android and tablet devices. The story presented in this has been told about danger, adventure, fighting, and action scenes. Overall, we get to see a good confluence of all these things here. If we talk about CJ here, he is a very loyal guy, he has to fight with different enemies and it is very well introduced in the game.

Pros and cons of GTA San Andreas Lite APK


  • The size of this file size is very less which takes less space on the mobile phone.
  • To play this game on a mobile phone, a very good quality Android phone is required.
  • Extras like radio broadcasts have been removed in this game so that everyone can enjoy the game without any hindrance.
  • High-quality graphics can be enjoyed even on medium mobile phones.
  • The size of this application is very less yet all advanced features are available in it.
  • It provides a great gaming experience even on a medium phone.


  • You shouldn’t play this game for too long.  You can get addicted to it.
  • A lot of high-end graphics have been used in this game, which you will see exaggerated during the game.
  • If you are playing any mission and a lot of your time is being wasted on it, then you should play this game in your free time only.

How to GTA San Andreas Lite APK Download?

GTA San Andreas lite apk download process is easy. follow the below process step-by-step to download the game.

  1. Search “GTA sa lite apk” on the browser.
  2. You will get many websites results on this game.
  3. Open the “ocean of games” website result from the list.
  4. Open this simulation game post article.
  5. You get a download button at the end of the post.
  6. Click on the download button.
  7. Get your game in a few seconds.
  8. After completing of download process you should follow the below installation guide.

How to Install GTA SA Lite APK?

  1. Open the setting app on a mobile device and find the unknown resources option.
  2. Enable it if it is not enabled yet.
  3. Then open the app downloaded the file from the file manager.
  4. Click on the install button.
  5. This process takes a few seconds. 
  6. Open the game and use it.

Frequently Asked Questions of GTA San Andreas Lite APK Download

Q. Can I play GTA sa lite apk +obb download  Mediafire for free?

Yes, you can play this game for free on your low-space phone. We provide you download for free.

Q. Can GTA sa lite apk Android 12 be playable on a phone?

To play this game smoothly, you need version 4.0 of your Android phone. Must be 4 or above. Because this game does not support the versions below them.

Q. My mobile phone has 4GB of RAM so can I play San Andreas apk?

You can absolutely play this game on mobile phones with RAM above 4GB.  You can download its free version from our website for free.

Q. How Much Space GTA Sun Address Lite Apk Takes Up On Our Mobile Phone?

GTA Sun Address Lite apk takes up 2.61GB of space. You can free up that much space on your mobile phone. Then downloading and enjoying the game.

Q. Is it possible to play the GTA San Andreas Lite APK game on a tablet device?

This game is designed in such a way that this game can be played on Android as well as on tablets.  You can play it very easily on your tablet device. Playing games on the big screen on a tablet is a lot of fun.

Final Messages of GTA San Andreas Lite APK

Overall GTA san andreas lite apk is a modish exciting action game. Which every age person can play. If you want to play the game on an Android phone with less space, then you should download the lite version of this game GTA game. Although the size of this game is small, all the features of the original game have been included in it. GTA SA lite apk 16 MB game offers you the special gameplay, unique features, nice background music, and many more. If you are a fan of action games then you must play this game. Because it includes a lot of action, missions and high-level graphics.

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