Tekken 10 APK Download For Android PPSSPP 2024 [35 MB]

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App Name Tekken 10 APK
Latest Version V1.5
MOD Info Online & Offline
Developer by Bandai Namco
Size 35 MB
Required Mobile Version Android 7.0 and up
App Category Action
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Price Free
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About Tekken 10 APK Download

Tekken 10 Apk Download is the most-played fighting game in the world.  You can play this game on Android phones as well as tablet devices.  Bandai Namco is the publisher of this game which brings something new every time.  This time in Tekken 10 chapter provides you with high-quality graphics along with engaging gameplay.

tekken 10

The developer has also used effective buttons to make this game realistic, which works better on touchscreen mobiles. You can play this game in both online mode and offline mode.  If you want to download the latest version of this game, then you can download it from the download button given below.  If your phone’s Android version is 7.0 and above, then this game works perfectly on your device.

Tekken 10 apk download: what is it?

Tekken 10 APK is a combat fighting game in the Tekken franchise.  The game includes dynamic gameplay, new characters, and a great storyline.  The game has a total of over 50 character known for their different abilities.  You can also play Tekken 10 apk+ obb file which gives a better gaming experience.

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Gameplay of Tekken 10 APK Download PPSSPP

The gameplay of the Tekken 10 apk game is attractive and interesting for every gamer. In this, you can fight one versus one battle. Which is great fun on Android phones.

You can use basic skills to defend yourself in this game and use special moves to kill them. And you can unlock your next level. The opponent gets a lot of money when he dies. You should choose a dangerous character for this.

tekken 10 apk

Features of tekken 10 apk

Different Characters

Tekken 10 APK has more than 50 special character known for their different abilities.  Each character has its own different skills, which have their own different backstories along with their own fighting style.  Famous character names in this game like Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi, Jin Kazama, Eddy Gordo,  Lucky Chloe, Paul Phoenix, Josie Rizal, Devil Jin, Armored King, etc.

Real Graphics

Bandai Namco tries to add some new graphics to its new chapter every time. In this apk, we will see the use of 3d visuals, dynamic lighting and fun background music similar to city skyline apk. Which makes the gamers enjoy the real game.

tekken 10 apk download

Special Moves

Each character has its own special moves, thanks to which it can easily defeat the opponent in front. Including kicks, use of weapons and so on just similar to the GTA San andreas lite apk. You should upgrade the good characters by liking them. 

Story Mode

The story mode in Tekken 10 game is mostly played by kids as similar to spider man ultimate power mod apk. When you win the game in this mode, you can unlock new characters and the game also gives you exclusive prizes.

Game Combo

Different characters have their own special characteristics in Tekken 10 Apk Download. You can easily kill the person in front by using his special ability. Special abilities are used by most people when the health of the opponent is very low.

Arcade Mode

You can unlock different missions by playing the game in arcade mode, but playing this game will be very challenging. Your real gaming will be tested in this mode.

Energetic Environment

The standout feature of Tekken 10 Download PPSSPP is that it offers different challenging and dynamic environments. So that the enthusiasm for the gamers increases and can also make a good strategy.

Expanded Roster

Different characters in the game have special rosters during battles. Rosters are used to defeat enemies.

Playable On Multiple Platforms

Tekken 10 Apk Download also includes different types of cross-platform play. With the help of this feature, you will be able to challenge different people in the game and defeat them.

VR Support

Virtual Reality is supported in this application. There are very few games where virtual reality is included as a gaming feature. But in this game, you will be able to experience Tekken fighting from a virtual reality first-person perspective.

Interesting Online Game

Lots of features have been well implemented by their developer in Tekken 10 Apk Download to enhance the online gaming experience. Like smooth net code, matchmaking, and new online mode are being implemented.

Character Customization

Tekken 10 Apk Download PPSSPP provides a lot of customization-related features to gamers just the same as Free fire cobra download. These can be used to customize the character’s costume, appearance, develop skills, and improve their abilities.

Augmented Reality

The game also uses Augmented Reality technology which works well on all types of mobile phones. It feels like we are fighting in a real-world environment. Action game fans should not miss to download and play it.

Various Things Integration

Leader boards, tournament support, spectator mode, and advanced features are also integrated and introduced by the developer to make Tekken 10 download very convenient for you.

Real-Time Updates

Tekken 10 Apk Download PPSSPP gets regular updates that greatly improve the gaming experience. With such regular updates, you will be able to get engaging gameplay.

Amazing Tutorials

Whenever new people download this game, the basic things are explained through the tutorial through the game. A new player will be able to master advanced techniques alongside experienced players as they acquire their skills through tutorials.

Terrible AI

Many people prefer to play Tekken 10 apk download with AI instead of playing in multiplayer mode, but in this, you will be able to get a challenging environment even with AI.

Team Battle

Fighting in Team Battle is a lot of fun. In this, you can choose the team of your choice and defeat the other team. Here you will also get lots of prizes and money for winning the game.

Games Events And Challenges

Events are brought to the game on a regular basis by the developer of Tekken 10 Apk Download PPSSPP. You will get different challenges at different events. In this game, you can have a lot of fun. There are lots of prizes available and the game has to be played in a very challenging environment.

Offline Mode

Tekken 10 apk game also includes an offline mod. If your phone does not have an internet connection then you can enjoy this game in offline mode also. Where you can play with AI and also win the prize.

How to Tekken 10 APK Download for Android?

Tekken 10 apk download process is cushy. Follow the below process steps to download the amazing game.

  1. Search “Tekken 10 APK” on the browser.
  2. Then You will get many websites results on this game.
  3. Open the “ocean of games” website from the list.
  4. Open this action game post article.
  5. You should check to get a download button at the end of the post.
  6. Click on the download button from the post.
  7. Get your game in a few seconds.
  8. Please follow the below installation guide after completing the download process.

How to Install Tekken 10 APK?

  1. Open the setting app on a mobile device and find the unknown resources option.
  2. Enable it if it is not enabled yet.
  3. Then open the app downloaded the file from the file manager.
  4. Click on the install button.
  5. This process takes a few seconds. 
  6. Open the game and use it.

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Frequently Asked Questions of Tekken 10 APK Download

Q. Can we play Tekken 10 Apk on Android device?

You can play Tekken 10 Apk on both Android phones and tablets. The graphics work well on both the devices.

Q. Can I download Tekken 10 Apk for free?

We are providing you the latest version of this game for free. If you want, you can download the latest version of this game absolutely free from our website.

Q. Is the PSP version of Tekken 10 Apk available for free?

Yes, you can download them from the download link given below. which provides you the engaging gameplay.

Q. Which characters are included in this game?

Many dangerous characters are also included in this game. Paul Phoenix, Josie Rizal, Devil Jin, Jin Kazama, Eddie Gordo, etc. will look very realistic.

Q. Is the size of Tekken 10 Apk Download 35MB?

Yes, the size of this game is 35MB. It takes up very little space and works well on most Android devices.

Q. Can I download the latest version of this game for free?

Tekken 10 Apk Download Latest Version 1.5 on our website. You can download it absolutely for free.

Q. The Tekken series is developed by which developer?

Bandai Namco is a big gaming industry. By which different chapters of the Tekken series are panned out. It is one of the most played fighting games.

Q. Tekken 10 Apk Download PPSSPP has any virus?

Ocean of Games always provides virus-free games and applications. If you download this application from our website then it is completely virus free.

Q. Is there an online mode available in this game?

Yes, both online and offline mode is available in this game. If you have an internet connection then you can enjoy the best of it on online mode. Rest offline mode is also available. You can also play games with artificial intelligence in offline mode.

Q. Can we play the previous chapters of this game? Where else to download?

Yes, of course, you can play the old chapters of this game on your mobile phone. You can download it absolutely free of cost from our website.

Q. Is the version of Tekken 10 apk download ppsspp available on the google play store?

No, there are many chapters of the Tekken series but not available on the google play store. You can download it from only online gaming websites only.

Verdict of Tekken 10 APK Download 

Tekken 10 apk is one of the great chapter in Tekken series.  The game also offers a variety of characters, stages, and customization options, whose gameplay provides an exciting experience.  It has impressive visuals and variety of controls very well set by the developer.  The offline mode ensures that the player can enjoy the game even if he does not have an internet connection.  Bandai Namco has included the graphics in this game very well by using the next generation technique.  Vertual button in tekken 10 download which gives modern gameplay.  All kinds of characters are also covered. Each have special abilities.So, don’t miss to download it.

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