PUBG Mobile KR APK v2.9.0 Download for Android

PUBG Mobile KR Download

Additional Information

App Name PUBG Mobile KR APK
Latest Version v2.9.0
Game Size 1.4 GB
Platforms Android
Game Genre Action
Required Android Version Android 5.0 and Up
Price Free
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About PUBG Mobile KR Download

PUBG Mobile KR Download to play the PUBG game Koreon version on your mobile device. Player Unknown Battle Ground is a popular game among gaming users and millions of worldwide users already play the global version. Have you ever imagined landing on an island with 99 other players and only having a weapon for defense? If not then Pubg Mobile Kr Virgin download apk on your mobile because, in this Koreon version, you get a weapon at the beginning of the game so you can kill enemies easily.

Every player wants to survive in PUBG Kr to win the game. It’s an open-world multiplayer game that you can play with an internet connection. Popularity of PUBG game in South Korea country is the most so developers created PUBG KR APK which has advanced features that you not get for free in the global version game. HD-quality graphics and gameplay of PUBG KR are similar to the global version. Play the game in a safe zone and kill as many enemies as you can to survive till the end of the game.


PUBG KR APK: What is it?

PUBG kr apk is an FPS shooting video game and it’s specially designed for South Korean people. This game is almost similar to its global version and users get all the functionality that is available in the global version. The main motive of this pubg mobile kr apk survival game is to stay long last to win the game.

Pubg mobile kr virgin download apk main currency is Donkasu Medals which you can use to unlock premium crates. Whenever new updates are released they are applied on PUBG mobile kr virgin apk then applied on the global version. You can install the PubG Global version and the Korean version both on your mobile device without facing any issues. To play this game you need a stable internet connection and play various matches.

Gameplay of PUBG Mobile KR Download APK

PUBG kr apk download which gameplay is fun and enjoyable. Multiple maps are available in the game such as Miramae, Sahnok, Erangale, Vikendi, etc. that you can choose before starting the game. You have the option to play pubg mobile kr apk game solo, 4-man squad, or pair. Game starts with 100 players landing on the aircraft, flying over the map where you can select a location to jump to the desired location. After landing on the location you have to find weapons, clothes, first-aid, and armor.

Kill opponent players and loot their resources. Remain in a safe zone so your health is never reduced otherwise you get damaged. Use various weapons and fighting moves on an opponent player to kill them. Find resources from houses, garages, and other places easily. Also, you can communicate with your team members as well as other players in the game.

PUBG Mobile KR Virgin Download APK

Features of PUBG Mobile KR Virgin Download APK

Different Maps

PUBG mobile kr apk lets you choose a game map from available maps such as Miramar, Vikendi, Erangle, Shahnok, and many others. All maps are different and you get different resources in all maps which gives you an entertaining experience. Create a unique strategy for different maps to survive till the end and win the game.

Various Game Modes

There are many different game modes such as Dual, Squad, or Solo which you can choose before starting gameplay. If you want to play the game with friends then you can choose dual or squad mode where you can play with friends or other online players. Also, you can talk with your friends with the microphone feature of PUBG mobile kr virigin apk. Each mode is different to play for fun.

Stunning Graphics

Graphics of the pubg mobile Korean version game are stunning and realistic. All player characters, visuals, and weapons look realistic. A player can enjoy the game because of its unmatched beautiful graphics which feel like you playing the game in real-time.

Its Korean Version

PUBG kr apk is a Korean version of the PUBG global game where you get all new updates before you get to the global version. You get all the functionality and access to advanced features in the Korean version game.


How to Download PUBG Mobile KR Virgin for Android?

  1. Search the game name “PUBG KR APK Download” on an internet browser
  2. Then find and open the “Ocean of Games” website result
  3. Click on the download button which is available in the article post
  4. New page opens with all download links so click on the link
  5. Download process starts automatically which takes a few minutes
  6. After that follow the installation process

How to Install PUBG KR APK on Mobile?

  1. From the setting app navigate Settings >> Security >> Unknown Resources option
  2. Enable unknown resources by clicking on them
  3. Open PUBG Mobile KR Download file from the file manager and extract the zip file
  4. Extract the OBB file to this path “Android/OBB” on the file manager
  5. Then extract the Data file to this path “Android/data” on the file manager
  6. Click on the install button to start the installation process
  7. After completion of the process open the game and play with friends

FAQS of PUBG Mobile KR Download

Q. How is pubg kr apk safe to download and play?

PUBG mobile kr download is completely safe to download from oceanofgames website because the developer verified with its digital signature.

Q. What is the file size of PUBG mobile kr virgin apk?

The file size of the PUBG kr version download is 855.7MB. You can download the game quickly with your fast internet speed.

Q. Which languages are supported in PUBG mobile kr apk?

There are many languages supported such as English, Korean, Hindi, and others so you can play this kr version game easily on your mobile devices.

Q. Is it possible to play pubg kr virgin apk on offline mode?

No, the current version game is not supported in offline mode so if you want to play pubg mobile kr virgin download apk then you need an internet connection.


PUBG Mobile KR Download on your Android phone to play the Korean version game with all the functionality and features that you get in the normal version game. Play game in single-player or multiplayer game mode. To play pubg mobile kr virgin download apk you need a stable internet connection. There are different game modes and maps are available to play with unique resources.

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