GTA 4 Download for PC Windows 7/10/11 Free [Full Version]

GTA 4 Download for PC

Additional Information

Game Name GTA 4 Download for PC
Release Date 29 April 2008
Publisher Rockstar Games
Platforms Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PS3
Game Genre Action
Game Modes Single-Player & Multiplayer
Price Free


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Introduction of GTA 4 Download for PC Game

GTA 4 download for PC to play an action-adventure game and it’s the sixth installment of the GTA game series. This game is published in 2008 by Rockstar Games. The game story of single-player Niko Bellic is an Eastern European war veteran and high-profile criminal who tries to escape from the past while under pressure. This open-world game is based on Liberty city which is in Roam and it consists of three main islands. GTA 4 free download for PC and play the game from a third-person perspective in dual game mode. In a single-player game mode, Nico Bellic is the main player character. GTA 5 download for PC to play an advanced version of GTA 4 game.

GTA 4 Free Download for PC

If you have a stable internet connection then play Grand Theft Auto IV in multiplayer mode which allows you to engage with 32 other players. More than 25+ Millions GTA 4 PC game copies were sold at the end of 2013 because of the gameplay and energetic features and also the game’s popularity. Play GTA 4 on different PC platforms like Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PS3. You can try GTA 3 Download For PC on your device.

Gameplay of GTA 4 Download for PC Windows 10 Game

Exciting gameplay of GTA4 PC game where players play the game from a third-person perspective and complete a mission with a game scenario and set of objectives through the progress of the game story. During playtime, it is possible you work on more than one active mission at that time you have to wait for further instruction or events by the game story.

GTA 4 download for pc where other outside missions you can complete on an open-world map before you get instruction on your main mission. When you play the game first time then you can access only one island and other you can access it later through your game progress. As a player, you can use firearms, Melee attacks, and explosives to fight with the enemy also you can run, jump, swim and use vehicles if you download GTA 4 for pc device. 

GTA 4 download for pc free

If you want to play a game in FPP mode then you have to drive a vehicle. Auto-aim and cover systems are useful in combat fights against enemies. GTA 4 free download for pc because if you get damaged by enemies then you can consume the drink, medical kits, and food or call paramedics those are important factors using this you can regenerate your health. GTA san andreas free download for windows 10 is another best GTA series games for pc.

If you do a crime then security agencies respond as indicated by a wanted meter which is up to six stars. When your crime rate increase then stars also increase at that time security agencies becomes more dangerous and try every tactic to catch you and kill you. Down wanted meter in case you are hidden from the officer’s line of sight. GTA Vice City Download For PC is the most popular action game.

GTA 4 PC Download

Different Attack Use in GTA 4 Free Download PC Video Game

Melee Attacks

Melee attacks use in case you want to counter attacks on the enemy or dodge, disarm, or block the opponent. Play ghost of tsushima pc download to fight with hard enemies.

Body Armour

Body armour work as a cover for you so you do not get explosive damage and gunshots on your body to stay safe from enemies.

Cover System

GTA 4 download for pc where target specific enemies and aim freely fire on them blindly and move between covers. Also, you can target specific body parts of the enemy and attack them.

Do you want to try other shooting game? Yes then call of duty 1 download for PC devices.

Game Story of Dual Game Mode in Grand Theft Auto 4 PC

GTA 4 PC game story started when the single-player game mode main player character Niko Bellic meets his best friend and Nikos’s friend performs favors whenever Niko ask them like example Nikos’s cousin is a roman who has a taxi service owner and he sends cabs to take Niko from his destination point of the world-map city. During the game, cabs are always available for Nikos to travel from one point to the destination point quickly. If you want to play another simulation game then getting over it download for pc.

The game story also included other activities like bowling and darts. Niko has his own mobile phone which they can use to start a new mission or for mission instructions. GTA 4 pc download to play the game in multiplayer mode where Niko also can use their mobile phone to get cheat codes to complete a mission on time. Tekken 7 Download for PC is one of the best fighting game for pc.

Exclusive Features of GTA 4 Download for PC Windows 7/10

Use Different Vehicles

Like other racing games in this adventure game, you can use different vehicles like helicopters, bikes, cars, Bicycles, Boats, and others to reach one point to the destination point quickly. Need for speed most wanted 2005 pc download now to drive amazing vehicles in another game.

Realistic Game Graphics

The graphics of the GTA 4 game look real and attractive. Animation is also great in the simple interface of game design. Mafia 2 download for PC where you also get realistic graphics.

Get a Different Challenging Mission

Many challenging missions you get in this GTA 4 download for pc free video game so your adventure begins when you start a mission. Each mission gameplay is different and tricky which gamers want.

Multiplayer Mode Gameplay

The toughest part of the GTA 4 PC game is the multiplayer mode which comes with challenges and exciting game features that most users preferred to play in multiplayer game mode.

Target System

The developer team of GTA 4 PC game provides a realistic game approach that helps players to complete their target objectives easily in realistic gameplay.

Character Motion Capture

GTA 4 download for PC to play game where you can catch your player character’s motion with eight different camera angles. Take your player character snaps from different angles and make a motion. Its quite attractive game features.

Different Objectives

During the gameplay of the GTA 4 PC Download game, you have to complete vivid objectives in order to complete a mission. All objectives are different so you can enjoy game.

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Alternatives of GTA 4 Download for PC Game

The game has a similar game story, gameplay, missions, game tools, and others are the top competitor of GTA 4 PC Download game. If we talk about alternatives to a GTA 4 pc game then it a Sleeping Dogs Download, Watchdogs, and Lego City Undercover.

System Requirements of GTA 4 PC Game

Minimum Requirements of GTA 4 Download for PC Windows 7 

  • OS: Windows 7/ XP/ Vista/
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
  • RAM: 1 GB for Windows XP and 1.5 GB for Windows Vista
  • Hard Disk Space: 16 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVidia 7900+ 256 MB
  • Video RAM: 256 MB

Recommended Requirements of GTA 4 Download for PC Windows 10

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Hard Disk Space: 18 GB
  • Video RAM: 512 MB
  • Graphics Card: NVidia 8600+ 512MB

How to Download GTA 4 for PC Device?

GTA 4 is the most popular game in the GTA game series which has millions of active users who play games on a daily basis. If you want GTA 4 download for pc then check out below step-by-step downloading process.

  1. Simple search “Ocean of Games” on the browser
  2. Click and open the website
  3. On the home page of the website, you get a search box on the right side
  4. Search “GTA 4 PC Download” game in the search box
  5. Get a game article then open it
  6. Scroll the article to get a single-click download button
  7. Press the download button

How to Install GTA 4 PC Game on Windows 7/10?

Get the step-by-step installation process to install GTA 4 game easily.

  1. Download the zip game file extract 
  2. Get the “Setup.exe” file option 
  3. Click on the install button
  4. Installation process takes a few seconds
  5. After installation you can play game

Additionally, if you’re looking for the best fighting game for windows devices then Tekken 3 PC Download full version is the most popular and ideal fighting video game for PC devices.

FAQs of GTA 4 Free Download for PC Game

Q. Is GTA 4 game run on PC with 2GB RAM?

Yes, you can easily download and play GTA 4 pc game on your devices with 2GB RAM because the minimum requirement in 1GB RAM.

Q. Does an additional setting required in GTA 4 PC game?

No, you do not need to do any additional settings on your GTA 4 pc download video game. 

Q. Can I play GTA 4 game without a graphics card?

Without a graphics card, it’s not possible to play GTA 4 so users need an NVidia graphics card on their pc devices. 

Q. How Can I download GTA 4 free on PC?

The download process is simple for GTA 4 Download for PC and you can click given below download button to download the game in the latest version for free.

Q. Is there best thing about GTA 4?

GTA 4 free download for pc because vivid objectives make the game must-play.

Q. Can I play GTA 4 on PC?

Yes, you can easily play GTA IV on pc devices on different platforms but you need to first download gta 4 for pc.

Q. How to play GTA IV on a laptop?

Frist you have to GTA 4 download for pc then extract a zip file and install the game to play GTA IV on laptop devices.

Q. How large download file of GTA IV?

The GTA 4 PC download game size is around 1.5 GB so you have to fulfill system requirements to get GTA 4 on your PC.

Q. How long gameplay of GTA 4 PC?

GTA IV PC gameplay is around 27 and a half hours long but to complete 100% of the game you need to spend 75 hours.

Q. It is possible to play GTA 4 offline?

GTA 4 free download for PC and play this single-player game in an offline game mode without an internet connection.

Final Verdict

GTA 4 Download for PC free to play an exceptional action-adventure game in single or multiplayer game mode. Realistic game approach and challenging missions make GTA IV popular in the gaming industry. It’s an open-world game where players have to complete their objectives to complete a mission. Stunning graphics and adorable sound gets the biggest advantage to GTA 4 over its alternatives. Download and play the game with your friends and write your gameplay experience in below comment box.

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