Granny Game Download for PC Windows 7/10 Full Version [Free]

Granny Download for PC

Additional Information

Game Name Granny PC Game
Release Date 24 November 2017
Developer  DVloper
Publisher  DVloper
Platform Microsoft Windows
Game Style Horror
Game Mode Single-Player Video Game
Price Free
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Overview of Granny Game Download for PC

Are you want to play horror game? Yes, then granny game download for PC devices. Granny is a popular survival-horror video game that was released in 2017 for PC devices. This granny PC download game was published by DVloper which you can play in single-player game mode on the Microsoft Windows platform. First, the granny game was released for mobile devices after successful users rating this game was officially released for PC devices.

Main character of the game is the paranormal grandma which is called granny. It’s a first-person video game where you have to escape from a haunted house safely. Download link to the granny PC game given at the end of the article if you like to play horror games then download it on your PC device for free.

Granny Game Download for PC

Granny PC Game: What is it?

Granny is a survival-horror pc video game. To escape granny’s house you will have five days so you have to find a way to escape using solving puzzles. Granny game download for pc to play the scary game. If the granny is near you then you can hide yourself from the granny using closets. There are different levels available in the game and you feel funny and scary as well.

How to Play Granny PC Download Game?

Gameplay is very exciting for a granny PC video game. In the game, granny has locked you in her house and she never lets you go from her house. You are locked in a dark room and when you wake up then you feel a headache like someone hitting you with an object. Use a flashlight that is available on the table to light up.

The main door of granny’s house is covered with different types of a lock so you have to search the house and find keys and object to unlock the door for escape from the house. Granny game download for pc where horror character Granny can be heard every sound so be careful while escaping or finding keys from the house. If you drop anything on the floor then granny starts running to the place where you drop things on the floor. Left 4 Dead Download is similar outstanding horror video game for free on your device.

Granny Download for PC

When you find a key at that time you also be careful of granny’s bear traps and her pets. Bottom of the granny’s house there is a garage where one car is available. If you find the keys and unlock the garage door then you can escape that way otherwise you still find the main door keys. You have a time limit and within that time limit, you have to find a unlock key using solving puzzles.

Best Part of Granny Game Download for PC

Ganny download for PC to play game in practice mode where granny is not in the house so you can find the door key easily but the house is not free from danger. As a player, you can choose a difficulty level while playing a granny PC game like Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme, and granny doesn’t appear. If granny finds you then she will hit you or kill you so be aware while searching the granny’s house. to play God of War 4 PC Download the game on your device.

Granny Game Download PC

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Features of Granny Download for PC Game

Solve Puzzle

A player can move ahead if they solve different puzzles which help them to find a key to unlock a door in the granny game. Solve different puzzles in different ways because all puzzles are unique so you have to use your puzzle-solving skills.

Ultimate Graphics

Developers put great effort to make the graphics of the granny game look real and engaging. The Player characters are also designed which looks scary with fun moments. Ghost Of Tsushima PC Download game gives a good graphics quality that makes it awesome gameplay.

Interactive Object

There are different objects available in the game and players can interact with every object to move ahead in the game. Almost 16 objects are available to escape from the house so you have to interact with every object where they are available.

Different Difficulty Game Levels

Easy, Hard, Normal, and Extreme are the difficulty levels which available in the granny game. So granny game download for PC to play a game in different difficulty levels where you can show your escaping skills. IGI 2 Download for PC is the best shooting game and has to provide unlimited levels or missions.

Earn Extra Day for Escape

Granny game download for pc because you get five days to escape from her house and if you do something for her then you get a reward as an extra day to escape from the house. But if you can’t find a way to escape then you will killed by granny.

Use Weapons

In the granny game you can use different weapons such as a crossbow, shotgun, and tranquilizer gun to shoot granny. You can not kill granny with weapons only knocked down.

Granny PC Download

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System Requirements for Granny Game Download for PC Windows 7/10

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 750
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard Disk Space: 5 GB
  • Graphics Card: Sapphire Radeon HD 5770
  • DirectX: Version 11

How to Download Granny Game for PC Free?

Granny game download for pc simply and for that, you have to follow the basic steps which we discussed below in the section. You’re a few steps away from downloading granny pc game.

  1. Search query “Oceanofgames” on the internet
  2. Find and click the website
  3. Search “Granny Download PC” in the search box
  4. Open the game article post and read them
  5. Scroll the article to get a single-click download button
  6. Click on the game download button to start downloading process

How to Install Granny PC Game on Windows Devices?

Are you looking for a way to install a granny game on pc device? Yes then here you get step-by-step instructions that you can follow to easily install game on windows devices.

  1. Open the zip file of granny game 
  2. Extract and unzip the download file
  3. Run the “setup.exe” file 
  4. Get your installation game 
  5. Open and play it

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FAQs of Granny Game Download for PC

Q. Is granny pc game safe for play?

Yes, the granny game is totally safe for play purposes and you can enjoy horror gameplay.

Q. Can I run granny game on different windows devices?

If your system has windows 7,8, and 10 then you can easily run it.

Q. Can I play granny’s game in online mode?

Yes if you want to play the granny game in online mode then you can play it easily. 

Q. Is granny game download for free?

You do not need to pay money to download granny game in the latest version on your pc device.

Q. Does granny game supported on the steam platform?

Granny game download for pc because it is supported on a steam platform so if you have then enjoyed the gameplay.

Q. Which graphics card needs to run Granny on pc?

To run the granny pc game you need a Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 1 GB or advanced graphics card.

Q. Is DirectX needs to play Granny?

Yes, DirectX version 11 is need to download granny pc game and play it.

Q. How much storage space is required to download granny on pc?

4 GB RAM and 5 GB Hard Disk Space in needed to granny download for pc and play without facing any issues.

Q. Can I play Granny on pc without Android emulator?

Yes, the Granny game download for pc to play without an Android emulator to experience the best horror pc game.


Granny is an outstanding survival-horror pc video game that you can play it on different pc platforms for free. If you want to play horror game then no better option than Granny. Granny pc download and play it in single-player game mode. In this game main task is to escape from the old lady granny’s house and it’s the most difficult task because you have only 5 days to find a way to escape.

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