Bloody Roar 2 Download For PC free Full Version

bloody roar 2 download for PC

Additional Information

Game Name Bloody Roar 2
Release Date July 1999
Developer Eighting, Raizing
Publisher Hudson Soft, SCEA, Virgin Interactive
Platforms Windows, Arcade, PlayStation
Mode Single-player, Multiplayer
Game Style Fighting
Price Free
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About Of Bloody Roar 2 Download For PC

Bloody Roar 2 Download For PC game is one of the best fighting video games for Windows devices. the game gives a realistic fighting experience to users. you’re a fan of the Tekken series video game, so this game is very similar to like Tekken. it contains realistic color, 3D graphics, Visual Sound quality, and amazing characters. bloody roar 2 pc download game was developed by Eighting, raising, and published by Hudson Soft. Excited people can directly download bloody roar 2 for PC full version game from the Ocean of Games site.

The bloody roar 2 game download is only playable on both Arcade and PlayStation platforms. Now, it’s available on various platforms, especially Windows devices. If you want to experience fighting then Tekken 7 PC Download game is one of the best options for you. Just click on the highlighted link and direct go to the download page. Bloody Roar 2 pc download game is playable in single-player and multiplayer mode. overall, you can check other relevant information such as  System Requirements, FAQs, Gameplay, Features, and much more.

GamePlay Of Bloody Roar 2 Download For PC

Bloody Roar 2 pc download game gives very stylish and unique gameplay which makes it a very interesting video game. One of the exciting features of this gameplay, each of the characters has a beast form. you can select your favorite character as your choice. the gameplay is similar to Tekken 3 PC Download game, you just try this fantastic gameplay on your device. More than 11 characters are available of this game. Saven new characters are included of the game such as Bakuryu, Uriko Nonomura, Stun, Shina, Jenny Burtory, Hajime Busuzima, and Shenlong.

the Gameplay of the bloody roar 2 download game is fantastic, in which you’ll thrilling experience in beastly mode. In the one-to-one fighting match style, while you’re playing the game then you can be kicking animals. the game gives the best options to choose your character and create fights against other players. All types of Animal character shapes are available including Leopard, Insect, bat, Fox, Gorilla, and Half-beast. The Sound and Graphics are very impressive, and much more improvement batter than the alternative version.

The background is very attractive and eye-catching without distracting your fights. each character has a special move and can use it in the match. In addition, the game moves much faster, so combos and morph moves happen quickly. the first mode is Rave where you can punch your opponents and be removed from the match. If you’re a fan of the Tekken series game, so can’t wait for Tekken 6 PC Download game on your devices. install bloody roar 2 pc free game on Windows devices. and enjoy it.

Screenshot Of Bloody Roar 2 Game Download For PC

bloody roar 2 download for PC
bloody roar 2 download for PC
bloody roar 2 download for PC

How to Download Bloody Roar 2 Download For PC

(1) First, you need to .exe file of the Bloody Roar 2 PC game.

(2) two options are available for you first purchase the game and second go to the ocean of games site.

(3) open it the ocean of games site on your chrome browser.

(4) here, put your game query on the search box and hit it.

(5) A similar game list appears on your windows screen.

(6) open your post and click on the download button below the post.

(7) within seconds, your download process will be started.

How to Install bloody roar 2 game free PC Game

(1) once completed the downloading process then go to the computer storage.

(2) Now, click on the .zip file and you’ll need to extract file.

(3) Press the right click of the mouse and hit on extract file by using WinRAR.

(4) Apply a key to this file and click on the next button.

(5) A complete process. you can easy to install the game on your device.

(6) enjoy to play this game on your computer.

System Requirement of Bloody Roar 2 PC Download

Do you need to play the bloody roar 2 pc download game to your Windows devices? So following the simple instructions given below. and play this game.

Minimum System Requirement

  • CPU: 700 MHz.
  • RAM: Need to 256 MB.
  • Video Card: 32 MB.
  • Hard Drive: 40 MB available space.
  • DirectX: Version 8.0.

FAQs – Bloody Roar 2 Game Download

Q.1: Who is the strongest character in Bloody Roar 2 For PC game?

The “Uranus” is one of the strongest characters in the Bloody Roar 2 pc game.

Q.2: How to download Bloody Roar 2 for PC?

To download bloody roar 2 for PC game, you can go to the Ocean of Games site. Open the article and click on the download button. Install this game on a Windows device.

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