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whale cloud emulator

Additional Information

App Name Whale Cloud Emulator 
MOD Info For Android
version v2.4.6
Developer by Whale Cloud
Size 50 MB
Required Mobile Version Android 5.1 and up
Google Play Store
App Category Tool
Price Free
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Information About Whale Cloud Emulator 

Whale Cloud emulator is the best app for those who want to enjoy the most popular computer games on mobile phones. Which gives the user the opportunity to play computer games on Android mobile phones without any hindrance. The special thing about this app is that with it you can enjoy PS4 and Xbox games for free. Apart from all this, if you play computer games on Android using this app, then you will not need to use any kind of Chinese MMS code.

Like other cloud games, this one is also available for free. When the user registers his account in this app, the user will get 2 hours of bonus absolutely free. After signing in, the user will get a chance to play games from this app for 40 minutes daily. This app includes various games like Watch Dogs 2, GTA 5, RDR 2, DMC 5, Cyberpunk 2077, and others. Which provides an excellent level of gameplay experience to the user for a long time. You can also make necessary changes to the graphics settings to enhance the gaming experience.

whale cloud emulator apk


To play top games in Whale Cloud gaming, you should enjoy the games with internet and Wi-Fi connection. In online games, you can also save your game progress. And if you play the game on another device, you will get to play the game from there.

What Is Whale Cloud Emulator

Whale Cloud emulator tool. Using which gamers can play computer games on their Android mobile. This fantastic app has been created by Whale Cloud. If you want, you can also download this app for free from the Google Play Store. With an easy-to-use interface, this app can be downloaded and run on all Android devices.


whale cloud emulator app

This app is compatible with most online computer games. When you download this app on a large-screen mobile, you can get the best computer gaming experience. The game can be played by downloading this app on both 4G and 5G Android mobile devices. Download this app for free and enjoy your favorite computer games on Android mobile now.

Features of Whale Cloud Emulator

Play A Wide Variety of Games

Whale Cloud emulator is one of the best tools to enjoy computer games for hours. On this, you will get to play more than 500 computer games. Most of the games are based on Windows but you can play them on Android mobile. More than 100 new games are added every week by game publisher Whale Cloud. The availability of more than 500 games gives you the option to play the game of your choice from this app.


whale cloud emulator download

Enhanced HD Graphics

All high-resolution graphics are included in this app. Which plays an important role in providing a good game experience to the user for the gameplay. This app also uses high servers so that the user gets a good game experience. The higher the version of the Android mobile phone, the smoother the gameplay experience you can get.

Play With A Gamestick

The game controls in Whale Cloud gaming are customizable. Users can use different layouts for different games. You can also use external objects for the game controller during gameplay. Which makes the game even more interesting for the user.

No Registration

There are many apps available to play computer games on Android mobile. But in most of the apps, one has to register. While registering, the user always thinks about whether his personal data will be safe after registering or not. So users are always looking for unregistered apps. Whale Cloud Games allows you to play the gameplay without any sign-up.

Simple Game Control

This app is specially designed for gameplay. With simple game controls the user will be able to get better performance in the game. Tactile elements and navigation are well implemented in the game. Anyone can enhance their computer gaming skills using these simple controls.

Customization Option

You can make necessary changes in gameplay settings and graphic settings by customizing in whale cloud emulator apk. There are many emulators available to play games. But this is the best emulator. Don’t forget to download it for gamers to take their gameplay performance to the next level.

Supported All Devices

This app is compatible with all Android devices. When you download this emulator and enjoy any computer game, you will be able to enjoy the games without advertisements.

Compatible With Multiple Devices

The Whale Cloud emulator is playable on Android and Windows. So, both users can easily play the game with advanced features. Most gaming YouTube channel owners also use this emulator during gameplay. 

Automatically Update

Automatic update features automatically update the app. So, your app’s bugs are removed and up-to-date with the latest technologies. After updating the app try to use the latest features and enjoy the gameplay at the next level. 

Fringe Feature

It supports external stuff like consoles and chokes. With external support, users enhance the gaming experience and play games with awesome features. 

Take Little Space on Device

The file size of this Whale Cloud emulator is 50MB and takes little space on mobile devices. Due to the small file size, it is useable on low-storage devices too. 

No Ads

One of the most important things about whale cloud gaming is that you can play the games without any advertisements during the gameplay with the help of tools. Without ads gameplay is more enjoyable to the players.  

Online and Offline Mode

Some player has no internet connection but want to play games with an emulator then it will help them to play games in the offline mode. You can also play games with the emulator in the online mode. In the online mode, you should create a great team and play the top fighting game with the emulator.

How to Download Whale Cloud Emulator?

If you are searching on the internet for a whale cloud gaming then can download it easily in just a few steps. Follow the given below process to get this app on your mobile.

  1. Open the browser on mobile and search “whale emulator download ”
  2. From the result list, you have to open the “Ocean of Games” website
  3. Get the download button on the app page
  4. Clicking on the download button to open the app download link page
  5. Then again click on the download button and wait for a few seconds
  6. Download process starts after clicking on the button
  7. After a few seconds, you get your mobile app.

How to Install Whale Cloud Emulator?

Follow the install steps on your mobile to install the app. Below is the process of this app installation.

  1. First, download the app.
  2. Open app downloaded file from the file manager.
  3. Unknown Resources option appear on your setting app.
  4. Click on it to enable for installation of a third-party app.
  5. Then click on the install button to start the installation process.
  6. App will be installed after a few seconds then you can use it.

Frequently Asked Questions of Whale Cloud Emulator

Q.- Where to download the latest version of the Whale Cloud emulator on Android mobile?

You will be able to download this app in its latest version from the download button given below.

Q.- Can this app be downloaded for free?

Yes, this emulator is available for free. You will not have to pay any charge to download it.

Q.- Is it safe to use the emulator on mobile phones?

Yes, this emulator is safe for Android mobiles. Download this app to enjoy computer games on Android mobile.


The Whale Cloud gaming emulator is one of the best tools for enhancing the gaming experience on Windows and Android. With the top features such as HD graphics, low latency, play multiple games it is the number one gaming emulator. All top-notch features are available here that never disappoint the gamers during the gameplay. This little file takes a small size on the device and gives wonderful gaming experiences. If your mobile phone has no much space then try it now. For top games play without ads, you should not miss to download it.

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