Prank Payment APK Download v20.2 [Fake Payment Screenshot Maker]

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App Name Prank Payment APK
Latest Version v20.2
MOD Info Full Version
Developer by The Native Citizen
Size 10 MB
Required Mobile Version Android 5.0 and up
App Category Entertainment
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Price Free
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Information About Prank Payment APK Download

There are many platforms available for online transactions. If you want to prank with friends through online transaction platforms, then today we have brought a prank payment apk download for you in the latest version. Through this app, you will be able to generate both national and international fake payment receipts. You can use this application to prank your friends and family members.

prank payment

The purpose of making a Fake payment app is only and only for enjoyment. You just have to enter the mobile number to make the prank payment and later you can take a screenshot and share it with your friends. There are many prank payment-related apps online but the prank payment app is definitely an interesting app. Which runs on many mobile devices without any problem.

What Is Prank Payment APK Download

If you are a funny person and want to play pranks related to online transactions with your friends or family members, then a fake payment app will help you to generate payment receipts for free. This is one of the best prank apps which has been downloaded by more than millions of people today. The Native Citizen has designed and built this app in a very easy-to-use way.

prank payment app

Prank payment apk is the number one entertainment category app for pranks. The screenshots of payments taken by this app look really real so one can play pranks with friends. User-friendly website which can be operated by every person in a simple and smooth manner. If you want to use this app, then you can download it for free without spending any money.

Any friend can be fooled by using a prank payment app. It is also possible to use customization features here. It is also easy to generate multiple screenshots. This app has been used by many people to cheat, but we want to inform you that use it only for entertainment.

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Fake Payment APP: What is it?

Fake payment app is an Android app that was created for entertainment purposes. Using this app you can create and share fake transactions with your friends and family member. 

It’s an exciting app for those who want to prank friends and show them that they are millionaires. Transaction receipts look real so you can easily convince anyone that you made a transaction when you want to prank anyone for fun. If you want to manage multiple Google accounts then check out Google account manager 9.0 APK.

How Do I Generate Payment Recipets with Prank Payment APK?

(1) First, prank payment apk download and open it

(2) Select different payment option apps such as Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm, and others

(3) Phone number, transaction amount, and name entered on receipt

(4) Then you have to select the Date & Time of this transaction

(5) Click on submit button to generate a receipt

(6) Your transaction receipt is ready

Features of Prank Payment APK Download

Simple to Use

Using the prank payment app is quite simple similar to sakib gamer King. You can download and watch them if you want. Mobile-friendly apps can be run on all types of Android devices. The developer has well-designed everything so that every user can understand without any problem.

Totally Free

This prank entertainment app is available for free same as Vidmate 4.4706 apk download. That is, you do not need to make any kind of payment. If you are using any paid tool or app on the basis of prank payment then you must try it.

Edit Screen Short Receipts

Whenever a fake receipt is generated through this app, along with downloading it, you can also edit this receipt. The editing feature is very fun. You can make fun of any friends by editing.

prank payment apk download

Create Numerous Recipes

prank payment apk mod download provides the option to generate unlimited receipts. Any users will be able to generate fake payment receipts without any limitation. Prank your friends by generating lots of receipts. It is a kind of entertainment app to use in your free time.

Various Payment Methods

Many different methods are provided by the fake payment app. Users can follow the method of their choice here. Payments can be made through this app using credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets. Which will look like a real payment app.

Changing Amount of Payment

This feature of fake payment app is quite different. Which is seen in very few apps. The transferred amount can also be edited from it. That is, you will be able to change the amount of transferred amount as per your wish. It is very easy to change the amount of the amount sent later.

Genuine Transaction Details

When we pay someone using a money transfer app, similarly you will also see the real thing in a prank payment apk download. Transferred ID and time are also shown so that the generated receipt looks more genuine. This receipt will look real to everyone during the prank.

Prank History

With the Prank History feature, we can see the fake payments made in the past. In the prank history, all the things are told like prank payment time, payment amount, payment id, etc. Everyone can know the details of prank transfer in depth. This is a really fun feature.

Unique Prank Ideas

There are many ways to play pranks on friends and family members but with prank payment apk you will be able to play pranks digitally in a unique way. If any of your friends make fun of you a lot, then definitely prank them with this app.

Duplicate Screenshot

Both generating and editing fake screenshots can be done with this app. Edit the fake receipt in the app, then send it to your friends and ask for money. then see you will have different fun.

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Full Access

You will get all types of access for free from the prank payment apk download. No special features are locked. All the features are being provided absolutely free of cost. This is a great app to prank fake transactions as real transactions.

Prank with Friends

Prank payment apk you can use to prank your friends or family member to show them transactions with popular paying apps. In this app, you can also make your profile to looks real to enjoy pranking your friends.

User-Friendly Interface

This prank payment app interface is user-friendly so any user can easily use them if they are a beginner or not or without any technical knowledge on their mobile devices.

Make Fake Accounts

You can create a fake account on the fake payment apk for free. To ensure the prank looks genuine this account helps and people can not find your prank easily.

Compatible with Popular Payment Platforms

Prank payment apk download because it’s compatible with various most popular payment platforms so you can easily create payment receipts from various payment platforms.

Set Multiple Accounts

As a user, you can add multiple accounts on this prank payment apk and set different account details on each account, and have the best time pranking your friends.

Create Fake Wallets

Create fake wallets and change the amount as you want using this prank app. Without any limitations, you can add money to this app. Using this fake wallet you become a millionaire in just a few minutes and you can easily prank with anyone.

No Ads

Prank payment apk download new version free to use without annoying ads on your mobile devices.

How to Prank Payment APK Download?

The prank payment app download process is easy. Follow the below steps to download the entertainment app.

  1. Search “fake payment app” on the browser.
  2. There will be a number of website results returned on this app.
  3. Open the “ocean of games” website results from the list.
  4. Open this app article.
  5. At the end of the article, you will find a download button.
  6. Click on the download button.
  7. Get your app in a few seconds.
  8. After completing of download process you should follow the below installation guide.

How to Install Prank Payment APK?

The installation process prank payment is entirely simple and easy. Follow the below-given steps to install the game.

  1. Open the setting app on a mobile device.
  2. And find the unknown resources option.
  3. Enable it if it is not enabled yet.
  4. Then open the app downloaded the file from the file manager.
  5. Click on the install button.
  6. This process takes a few seconds. 
  7. Open the apk and use it.

Frequently Asked Questions of Prank Payment APK Download

Q. Can a prank payment app be used for free?

Yes, this app can be downloaded for free. This entertainment app is not available on the google play store. You will be able to download them for free from the download link given below.

Q. Is it reliable to use prank payment?

If you use it just for fun then it is fine and a good app. Which is also completely safe.

Q. Is it possible to prank using multiple accounts on this app?

Yes, it is easy to create fake screenshots using different accounts in the app. You can obviously use different accounts.

Q. Where can I upgrade to a fake payment app?

You can download its latest version and upgraded app from our website. You have to stay with our website for this. Whenever the new version comes, we will make it available to you from the post of this article.

Q. Can I use this app as a stranger?

Its use for cheating is strictly prohibited. It is made only for the purpose of making fun with your friends and family members. If you misuse this app, action can be taken against you.

Q. It is safe to use prank payment apk?

Yes, it’s completely safe to use a fake payment screenshot maker app on mobile without any real transactions.

Final Words

Prank payment apk is an entertaining mobile app that users can use for fun purposes. With this fake payment app, you can create fake transaction receipts and edit them to show it real. There are lots of amazing features you can use for free. Prank payment app has a user-friendly interface so you can easily prank your friends.

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