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App Name Luma AI APK
Latest Version v2.1.1
Game Size 64 MB
Platforms Android
Game Genre Tools
Required Android Version Android 8.0 and Up
Price Free
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Overview of Luma AI APK

Luma AI APK is an app that users can use for organizing and sorting photos into a mobile library automatically without any command. This app was developed by Open AI which you can use on every Android device. 

Open AI is a world-leading artificial intelligence research company that created Luma AI APK. If you do not have technical knowledge then don’t worry because you can easily access Luma Ai on your mobile because of its simple functionality. 

With this application users can create various AI models for different purposes such as Natural Language Processing, Generating automated chatbots, and image classification to test strings. If you are searching for FRP bypass security then install Google Account Manager 9.0 on mobile.

Everyone can easily use the Luma ai android app because of its user-friendly interface and simple working functionality. Today technology evolve quickly and create new innovation that make users work easily and is one of the innovation that helps you to transform your picture into realistic 3D models. 

Do you want to create 3D content with your mobile? Yes then create 3D photorealistic content easily with this Luma AI Android APK.

Luma AI APK: What is it?

Luma AI APK is a photography app that works on artificial intelligence. Using this Luma Ai you can create realistic 3D photos on your mobile phone. To process data and generate AI models this app uses a high-performance deep-learning algorithm named GPT -3.5 that makes your work easy. Increase Instagram followers free with Asia Follower.

Popular programming languages such as Javascript, Ruby, and Python you can create AI models using this Luma AI Android app. Also, you can customize your created AI models dynamically using a set of tools that you can easily get in the Luma AI APK mobile app. You can use various AI models and store them for future reuse and also adjust AI model parameters as you want. 

With the reinforcement learning feature, you can create an AI model that learns automatically over time. This app was published in 2021 for iOS devices only but currently, developers have launched the Android version of this app so Android users also can use this app to make realistic 3D photos.

How to Use Luma AI APK on Android Devices?

If you want to use Luma AI App for Android devices then follow the below steps:

  1. Account Register: Click on the register option to register with your Email ID to use this Luma AI App.
  2. Intended Use Choose: Select one from text string prediction, image classification, or NLP for intended use after completion of registration.
  3. AI Model Create: You can easily create an AI model with Luma AI’s simple graphical interface.
  4. AI Model Customization: Customize the AI model with different parameters like the number of hidden layers, activation function, model size, and number of epochs.
  5. Optimization of AI Model: AI models are automatically optimized by Luma AI APK high-performance deep learning algorithm. Improve the performance and accuracy of your AI model using this awesome feature.
  6. Use AI Mode: After the optimization is done you can use the AI model for various purposes including NLP, image classification, and test string prediction.
  7. Upgrade and Update AI: To improve performance and accuracy you have to upgrade and update this AI model on time-frequency.

How to Use Luma AI APP on iOS Devices?

  1. Find and Place the Subject: To record a video easily you have to place the subject.
  2. Improve Lighting: To get the best shots for a video you have to improve lighting around the subject. Shadow may interfere so avoid them while capturing video.
  3. Clean Camera Lens: You have to clean your camera lens to capture video in the best quality.
  4. Open Luma AI: After cleaning the lens open Luma AI APK and click on the “+” button for gilded capture.
  5. Object Define: Point center of the object and confirm by tapping on it
  6. Move Around the Object: Now you have to move 90 degrees around the object to capture it
  7. Adjust Box: Box size increases or decreases as per your preferences using blue arrows.
  8. Confirm Selection: Check the object again and if okay then tap on the confirm button to confirm it
  9. Loop Capture: Series of loops around the object so capture it with your mobile phone from the best position.
  10. Click on the Finish Button: After capturing the video loop just click on the finish button which you get in the top right corner.

Features of Luma AI APK

User-Friendly Graphical Interface

Luma AI App has a user-friendly graphical interface so users can easily create and customize their AI model with this app. Without facing issues you can use an app because of its simple interface.

Support Multiple Programming Language

To create AI models on different platform Luma AI android apk supported by various programming languages such as Ruby, Python, and Javascript.

AI Modelling

Test string prediction, image classification, and NLP are the different purposes you can create AI models using this apk. You can create different AI models easily with this app and use them for various purposes.

Reinforcement Learning Supported

AI models automatically learn and improve over time with this reinforcement learning feature of this Luma AI APK mobile app. This is an advanced feature that is available in the app.

Cloud Usage

After creating an AI model users can store and manage their AI model in the cloud.


This app works on high-performance deep learning algorithms using this you can improve your AI models performance and accuracy in the work.

Customize AI Model

Customize model size, activation function, number of hidden layers, and number of epochs of your AI model with Luma AI APK for free.

Tutorials and Documentation

Any users can easily use this app because it provides instructional material such as tutorials and documentation.

NeRF Technology

Create 3D objects, environments, and spaces using the powerful technology NeRF. Complex 3D scenes and objects you can easily create without any difficulty with this app.

How to Download Luma AI APK for Android Free?

If you want to download Luma AI app then follow the below downloading process and get this app easily in just a few steps on your mobile phone.

(1) Open the “Ocean of Games” website on your mobile browser

(2) Enterapp name “Luma AI APK Download” on the given search box option

(3) Tap on the search button to open result list and open the app article

(4) Get the download button below in the article post so simply click on it

(5) Download link page appears in front of you so click on the latest version download link

(6) Download process begins after clicking on the download link and it is completed in a few seconds

How to Install Luma AI Android APK?

(1) Open the Luma AI download file from the file manager

(2) Go to the setting app and find unknown resources

(3) After getting it enable it by clicking on them

(4) Click on the install button to start the installation process

(5) Installation process completed in few seconds then

(6) Allow necessary permission to open the game

FAQs of Luma AI APK Mobile App

Q. Is Luma AI Apk has paid service?

If you want the paid service of the Luma AI Android app then visit the official website where you get paid plans and other features.

Q. Does this app have a built-in security feature to protect data?

Yes, the Luma.AI app has an in-built security feature such as basic data access, data encryption, and privacy that protect your data from unauthorized access.

Q. Is Luma.Ai safe to use?

Luma AI app is a completely safe and secure app to create artificial intelligence models without unauthorized user access so your private information is safe with this app.

Q. Is Luma AI APK frequently updated?

Yes, the developer updates this app regularly and removes bugs, and adds new features so users can easily use it without technical knowledge.

Q. Can AI functionality be customized with Luma AI?

This app feature auto-customization so AI functionality can easily customized using this Luma AI android application.

Q. Does recognize objects in real-time?

With image recognition algorithm identify any object in real time using luma ai app.

Q. Is this app compatible with all devices?

Luma AI APK mostly works on android devices and all android devices are easily compatible with this app system requirements.

Conclusion of Luma AI APK

Luma AI APK is an app that you can use to create and optimize AI models. This Luma.Ai has a user-friendly graphics interface so everyone can easily use it and also has an auto-optimization feature. Every feature of luma ai app you can access for free.

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