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Factory Test APK

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App Name Factory Test APK
Latest Version v1.5
Game Size 9.6 MB
Platforms Android
Game Genre Tools
Required Android Version Android 7.0 and Up
Price Free
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Introduction of Factory Test APK

Factory test apk is an amazing tool application that you can use on your Android. This app tests your entire mobile device and detects the issue of which part not working well on your mobile. 

Factory test app is suitable for those who want to buy old phones from marketplaces to check defects in the phone. Without any issue, you also can use this app on your new smartphone and run different tests within the app such as speaker test, pixel test, screen test, and many others to check the phone’s condition. 

It’s a third-party mobile application that you can free download. Run this factory test apk on low-end devices easily. It’s important to deliver bug-free and high-quality games to users so they can play easily on Android devices but sometimes game works not on some devices.

Factory Test APK: What is it?

Factory test apk is an android application to check your mobile device hardware functionality problem. To check manufacturing facilities before shipping out so if any device has a defect then you can easily catch it with this amazing mobile app factory test. 

When you open the factory test app you get lots of menus to run different tests. You can easily check the Display, Bluetooth, battery, Touchscreen, GPS, Sensors, Camera, and Keypad to find problems. If you want to try different tool genre apps then try this Asia Follower APK, Google Account Manager 9.0, and Plus Followers 4 APK for free.

This app was published by Water.io for Android users to fix the issue in their smartphones. In-built test feature available in factory test apk so you run test any time. It’s an online platform related to tutoring courses on transparent management of data. This app is popular with parents, students, and teachers because of its simple interface and attractive features.

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Why Do You Need to Download Factory Test APK on Android?

Factory test apk is a powerful tool that tests your device hardware functionality in a few minutes. For every hardware component, you can check if it works properly or not. And for that, you can run various 15+ tests to find the disability of your device. Simple interface of the factory test app works easily for users and without any technical knowledge every user can use this app on their smartphones.

Hardware and Software Tests with Factory Test APK

Display Test

To check your device display quality you can run a display test with factory test apk. With this test, you can analyze the brightness level, defective pixels, viewing angles, and color accuracy of your mobile display. This test ensures users use devices that match the requirements for the best visual experience.

Button Test

Button test ensure you use the device which has the best physical control. You can easily verify volume, power, and home control tests with this factory test mobile app.

Touchscreen Test

Responsiveness and accuracy of your device are easily analyzed by touchscreen test. Various touch-related problems such as erratic behavior, rejected touches, and others are easily detected with the Touchscreen test. For best user interaction you have to run this test for reliability and accuracy.

Sensor Test

With sensor test you can check various sensor working conditions on your device such as proximity sensor, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, and gyroscope. Ensure that the sensor works properly for motion detection, auto-rotation, and adaptive brightness.

Camera Test

To check the camera performance of your mobile device you have to run a camera test. Detect various camera problems such as autofocus, exposure, image quality, and others with this test. You ensure after running this test you used the best device for high-quality images and videos.

Speaker and Microphone Test

Audio quality analysis with microphone and speaker test of your device. Factory test apk detects problems such as microphone sensitivity, low volume, and distorted sound after running this test. Get clear and dependable audio during conversations, songs or video playback, and recordings in your device after verifying the speaker and microphone test.

Network Connectivity Test

With the factory test apk you can run a network connectivity test to check device capabilities to connect Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, multiple networks, and Cellular data. Device network stability, capacity to establish connections, and signal strength check with this test. For effective communication and data transfer network connectivity tests ensure your device is capable.

Battery Test

Check battery health, energy consumption, and charging rate to analyze battery performance and capacity using the battery test of your devices. This test ensures the manufacturer that the battery operates effectively and is in optimal condition.

Performance Test

In the performance test run by the factory test app check the graphics performance, memory management, processor speed, and responsiveness of your android device. Test Ensure users get the best experience of device performance.

Headphone Jack Test

Play music to test wired headphone connectivity. Test various headphone controls such as Noise cancellation, volume, microphone, and play/pause.

Charging Test

Factory test apk has another option to run a charging test which displays real-time charging current and voltage while charging your device. With this test, you can measure the time required to fully charge your mobile phone and also test fast charging standards.

SIM Card Test

With a SIM card test you can get details like connectivity for voice calls, SMS, network type, signal strength, and data. If you have multiple SIM devices then you can also run this test to get details of both SIMs.

SD Card Test

Factory test apk has an option to run SD card test for mounting and read/write functionality. Also, check transfer speed by copying sample files to the SD card and timing it.

OTG Test

If you want to check that OTG is connecting with a mouse, flash drive, and keyboard then you can run the OTG test.


WEP, WPA2, and WPA encrypted network verifies easily with WiFi Test. A common Wi-Fi standard is 802.11b/g/n/ac and other functionality you can easily check using the WiFi test of your devices.

Keypad Test

Factory test app has an option for Keypad tests to test QWERTY keyboards, custom layouts, and number pads. Button press check it easily with a keypad test on your device.

GPS Test

To check GPS satellites in your location you can run GPS tests and get details of meter accuracy, latitude, longitude, and number of satellites. Users can check walk/drive distance accuracy by GPS test.

Audio Test

Play frequency sweeps, high-low frequency sounds, and sine waves in Audio test. Volume levels are easily adjustable while testing audio at different decibel levels.

Bluetooth Test

If you run a Bluetooth test then you can detect nearby Bluetooth devices with name. To connect with a Bluetooth device you have to select the pair with the device option.

Features of Factory Test APK Download for Android App

Get Device Information

With this factory test app, you can get your device information. In the settings app, you get basic details about the device and software functionality but if you want technical details of the device hardware component then this app helps you to get every single detail about the device.

Free to Download and Use

Factory test apk is completely free available for download and use so use this app on your smartphone to get details about your device. During smartphone testing annoying ads not ruin your experience with the app.

How to Download Factory Test APK for Free?

Factory test is an app that tests your mobile hardware component it’s working or not. You can easily download factory test apk on your mobile using given below download process.

(1) Open the “Ocean of Games” website on a mobile browser

(2) Using the search box option find “Factory Test App”

(3) Then open the app article and get the download button in the article

(4) Read the article to get information about the app or tap on the download button

(5) In front of you download link page opens so click on the latest version download link

(6) Process takes time to complete so wait until you get the downloaded file

(7) After completion of the download process you have to install the app by given below installation process

How to Install Factory Test App on Android?

(1) From the file manager open the factory test app downloaded file

(2) Then open the settings app and go to Settings >> Security >> Unknown Resources

(3) By clicking enable unknown resources to install third-party apps

(4) After that click on the install button to start the installation process

(5) This process completed in just a few seconds

(6) Then you can use this app to test your mobile hardware component

FAQs of Factory Test APK Mobile App

Q. Is factory test app legal for use?

Yes, this factory test apk is legal to use for your device testing. App has an engineering mode to test the internal components of your smartphone.

Q. It is safe to use factory test apk?

Factory test application is completely safe and secure to use without loss of your data and information.

Q. Can I use app only on Vivo mobile?

No, This app is supported on various smartphones including VIVO so if you have a mobile then you can use this factory test app for free.

Q. How much time take by factory test apk to test the device?

Time depends on the complexity of devices and the number of tests that you perform. So it takes minutes or hours to test your devices.

Q. Can I use this app other than smartphone?

Yes, Factory Test is a customized app so you can easily use electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones, and IoT devices.

Conclusion of Factory Test App

Factory test apk finds a technical issue on your smartphone so you get them and resolve them to work properly on your devices. There are various tests that you can run to find a single technical issue on your smartphone. Factory test app has a simple interface and navigation so every user can easily use it. Also, the app is supported on multiple devices.

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