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Stray Download APK

Additional Information

App Name Stray Download APK
Latest Version v1.0
Game Size 15 MB
Platforms Android
Game Genre Adventure
Required Android Version Android 5.0 and Up
Price Free
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About Stray Download APK

Stray download apk on your mobile to play a popular action-simulation video game on Android devices. If we talk about pets then Cats are the most popular choice in the world and people are curious about cat’s life. Stray game download apk to play stray mobile cat role during gameplay. As a player, you can experience 3d cat-themed during the play game. 

Graphics and controls are immersive that increase your interest towards play the game. To provides the best cat experience to users all action of the game is refined. There are different game objectives such as leaving the city, completing riddles, and interacting with other cats. Also, there are harmful insects that destroy everything that is in their way so be aware while playing the game. 

Play stray apk cat game in a technologically sophisticated metropolis. All pets are independent and they want affection from their owners for better life. The behaviors and living are different from dogs and this Stray apk allows players to explore cybercity as a cat. If you want a most exciting game on mobile then stray apk download free and experience cat’s life simulation video game. It’s a challenging game. 

Stray apk cat game was published by Atlas Entertainment Studio and if you are cat lover then you can like this game because the game story is a journey of a lost cat who returns back home. You can freely move to different locations available in the game, solve puzzles, secret uncover, and hide from enemies. And it’s a lightweight game so stray download apk you can enjoy low-end devices as well.

Stray Game Download APK

Stray Cat APK Game: What is it?

A stray cat apk is an addictive action-simulation mobile game where the main player character is a cat. The life of cats is different from dogs and people want to know the cat’s life so you can stray download apk on your mobile and enjoy a cat’s life. You need as many cat skills as cats have in real life and the escape city is the final objective in the stray cat game which you have to complete to win the game. 

Just in few weeks after game launch millions of users download game on their mobile because of the challenging gameplay and most advanced features. Stray game apk download and play on Android and iOS both devices. Do you like awesome action-fighting game? Then Tekken 10 apk download and Spider man ultimate power mod apk.

Gameplay of Stray Download APK Cat Game

Stray game download apk on mobile where the main player character role is a cat. The game is all about the living life and behavior of real cats. Gameplay is not difficult but sharp skill is required to solve puzzles. B12 is a main support during the game which can activate doors by connecting power sources. To interact effectively with NPCs translating plays the main role. 

Game progress depends on player performance like discovering secret spots to solve puzzles and unlock the next game level. Without any restriction, you can run in any direction and it’s simple to get resources and cash by just tapping on different buttons. Drones and Insects are the enemies that you have to face and destroy to complete a quest. 

Stray download apk and get unlimited cash to unlock new game levels and upgrade resources. In the initial game level difficulty is low but you find little complexity in higher game level. It’s a third-person perspective video game.

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Stray APK Download

Advanced Features of Stray Game Download APK

Progress Storyline

In order to storyline progress you have to complete different quests similar to city skyline apk. Also, you can interact other player characters which available in the game.

Open-World Fantasy

Stray cat game based on Fantasy City which is known as CiberCity. Millions of people stay in this city. A massive disaster in the city disappear people and currently, robots only living in this CyberCity. Play Another open world game GTA san andreas lite apk now.

Unique Player Character

Stray apk download where your player character role is cat and the mission is to return back to home. Have you ever played a game with a cat player character? Not then here is a chance in the stray cat apk game where you can play the game with the player character cat.

Solve Puzzle

A number of puzzles you get in this game. Stray cat game download apk where you have to solve puzzles to complete the game level. After completion of every level, you get complex puzzles.

Simple Control Mechanism

You can move your player character by moving the controller at any place. Just tap on the controller to move the player in any direction which makes the game more enjoyable to play. Easily overcome obstacles by jumping and climbing. Also, you can interact with an object.

Fight with Enemy

A most dangerous enemy called Zurks are weird creatures. It is a genetically modified creature that can eat anything. You can not fight with Zurks because it’s most dangerous so the better option is to stay away from this weird creature to keep yourself safe.

Hide From Petrol

Stray cat game immerses you in a cyberpunk world full of danger. Always you can see alertness in cybercity. In every place, you can see petrol planes. Be agile as a cat In order to hide from prying eyes. Any single wrong action you get dark consequences. Game ended if you are spotted with petrol planes.

3D HD Quality Graphics

A game matches your interest if you are an animal game lover because in this stray game download apk, you get 3D HD quality graphics that immerse your experience. This game is very simple to play.

Download Free

Stray apk game download for free without paying a single penny same as free fire cobra apk. Also, you can access all features of the game at a free cost.

Online & Offline Gameplay

If you do not have an internet connection then play the stray cat apk game in offline mode where you can access story mode. In online mode, you can access multiplayer mode as well as extra features, and it’s the main difference between online and offline game modes. You do not need a login or registration required in both modes. So stray game apk download to play without any verification in dual mode.

Stray Cat Game Download APK

System Requirements for Stray Download APK

Minimum Requirements of Stray Game Download APK

  • OS: Android 5+
  • Processor: Snapdragon 400+
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Storage: 1 GB

Recommended Requirements of Stray APK Download

  • OS: Android 7+
  • Processor: Snapdragon 650+
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: 1.5 GB

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How to Download Stray APK Cat Game for Free?

(1) Open the browser on mobile to search “Ocean of Games

(2) Then open a website and find “Stray Cat Game Download APK” with the search option

(3) After entering the game name click on the search option to get relevant results

(4) Open game article where you get all information about the game

(5) Search download button which is available in the article post

(6) After getting it click on the download button

(7) Download page open so click again on the download link

(8) Download starts automatically

How to Install Stray APK Cat Game on Mobile?

(1) Go to setting >> security setting on setting app

(2) Get the “Unknown Resources” option that you have to enable by clicking on it

(3) From the file manager open the game download file

(4) Allow camera, gallery, and contacts permission

(5) Click on the install button to start the installation process

(6) Then open the game and enjoy

FAQs of Stray Download APK

Q. Is stray cat apk safe to play?

Entire stray cat game is safe and secure so you can download it from the given download link without getting malware or other viruses.

Q. Can I get stray apk free?

Yes, If you want to play a cat animal simulation game then stray apk download for free and enjoy a game with player character role cat.

Q. Is stray cat mobile game compatible with all devices?

Yes, you can play this game on Android, iOS, and tablets comfortably because it’s compatible with all devices.

Q. How much space is needed to play stray apk?

At least 1 GB of storage space is needed to play stray game smoothly on your mobile devices.

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