GTA Vice City APK + OBB Download v1.12 For Android 2024

gta vice city apk +obb app

Additional Information

App Name GTA Vice City APK + OBB
Latest Version V1.12
MOD Info Online & Offline
Developer by Rockstar Game
Size 2.63 GB
Required Mobile Version Android 5.0 and up
App Category Action
Get it on Not Available
Price Free
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Information About GTA Vice City APK + OBB Download 

GTA vice city apk + obb download is the most popular game among action games. A long series of gta vice City apk has been made by Rockstar Games. This game was played only on PS in the early days but now it can be played on mobile as well. Driving bikes and cars with stunning graphics as well as killing enemies with weapons provide thrilling gameplay. The game has a very high level of gameplay using all the high-end graphics by Rockstar Games.

gta vice city apk +obb free down

New missions generate new energy in the players by giving hard tasks in this game. gta vice city apk obb download gives you a chance to play the game in different missions. Overall it provides an excellent level of gameplay to provide enjoyment to everyone. Enter the game now to play the open-world gameplay. Playing games on big screen mobile will feel like we are actually playing gta vice city apk.

What Is GTA Vice City APK + OBB Download?

GTA vice city obb file download is a game full of action and full adventure. Which can be played on Android mobile. If you want, you can also try it on your tablet. If you search the internet you will find a lot of action games but gta vice city apk download is one of the most played action games ever. Here you will be able to become a mafia and become the master of your area. You will have to buy weapons for this and also have to fight with the police.

gta vice city apk +obb download

All expensive cars will also have to be bought. Because it would be difficult to imagine the mafia without cars. Attractive rewards are also given for completing the missions through the games. Every player should focus on completing the missions successfully in order to get attractive prizes. On different missions, we will have to face different enemies and also have to change weapons. You should buy modern weapons which can kill enemies even from a distance.  God of War 2 apk + OBB download for Android is one of the best action-adventure video games for smartphones.

Top Features of GTA Vice City APK + OBB Download

High-Quality Graphics

We get to see the combination of high-quality graphics with partial effects in gta vice city apk obb download. The 3D graphics really gives an amazing gaming experience and we feel as if we are actually in the game. Trees, roads, buildings, vehicles, shops, malls, people, etc. have been made realistic through graphics.

Open-World Game

In the action game, players can roam around any place they want. By playing games in different countries, we will also be able to know about foreign cities. Using a map will prove to be very helpful while playing an open-world game. Since the routes of foreign countries will be unknown to us then the map will be very helpful. Fighting in foreign countries, driving heavy vehicles, completing side missions along with missions, etc. can be done.

Drive Fab Vehicles

gta vice city apk download offers the most exclusive types of vehicles. Players can drive cars, boats, bikes, vans, emergency cars, scooters, ambulances, etc. A total of more than 100 vehicles are included in the game. The locked vehicle can be unlocked using money.

Exclusive Weapons

There is no point in an action game without weapons. Weapons made from new technology are available in this action game. Ammo can also be used to equip weapons. Submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, handguns, etc. are very dangerous weapons. While rocket launchers and m 60 are very deadly weapons in heavy weapons.

Varied Missions

You should be ready to play various challenging missions. Here you have 9 asset missions, 20 story missions, pay phone missions available, apart from this, remote control vehicle missions, Spero missions, off-road missions, and Hyman Memorial Stadium missions are also good missions. Except all these firefighter missions, remote driver missions, and robbery missions are also very exciting.

Visit New City With Map

It is very fun to roam around different cities in the gta vice City download apk. The map has worked as a very useful tool to visit a new place. Apart from completing the missions, here the player will also be able to participate in activities like racing, jumping, fighting, etc.

Hard Battles

You will also face tough enemies while playing the game in mission mode. Many battles have been included in gta vice city apk download, in which you will also be able to use weapons to fight your enemy. Weapons can be acquired in the game in two ways, one by purchasing them from the game store and the other by winning missions. WWE 2k22 game download for Android is a one-to-one battle video game for android device.

Excellent Soundtrack

This feature is one of the favorite features of every one. The developer here has made good use of the 1980s soundtracks by Jackson and rick james to accompany the great music gameplay. It energizes the player to play the game. Which also gives a pleasant feel to the gamers during the gameplay.

Support Multilanguage

GTA vice city apk + obb download is available in a total of 8 languages. The presence of the game in different languages helps people to understand the game in their local language. The game can be played in English, German, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and Italian. The language used mostly in this game is English. also known as a universal language.

How To GTA Vice City APK + OBB Download?

GTA vice city apk + obb download process is easy. You can download the game by following the steps below.

  1. Search “gta vice city apk obb download” on the browser.
  2. This app will return a number of website results.
  3. Open the “ocean of games” website results from the list.
  4. Open this app post article.
  5. You will get a download button at the end of the article.
  6. Click on the download button.
  7. Get your action game in a few seconds.
  8. You should follow the below installation guide after completing the download process.

How to Install GTA Vice City Download APK?

The installation process gta vice city download apk is easy. The game can be installed by following the below-given steps.

  1. Open the setting app on a mobile device.
  2. And find the unknown resources option.
  3. Enable it if it is not enabled yet.
  4. Then open the app downloaded the file from the file manager.
  5. Click on the install button.
  6. This process takes a few seconds. 
  7. Open the game and use it.

Frequently Asked Questions of GTA Vice City APK + OBB Download

Q. Can I download the gta vice City apk for free?

Yes, you can download this game for free. Although this game is available by paying money on many websites, it can be downloaded for free from our website.

Q. Can this game of Grand Theft Auto be played on Apple Mobile?

Yes, this game is made for special mobile phones only. You can play it on Android, Apple, and tablet devices.

Q. Which is the last mission in the gta vice City download apk?

Keep your friends close is the last mission of this game. Which is based on things close to Starfish Island. Many enemies will come to kill Tommy but you have to be alert to the enemy.

Q. Can gamers play this game on phones with less than 2 GB of RAM?

No, it does not work on mobile phones with less than 2 GB RAM. You must have at least 4 GB of RAM on your mobile phone.

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