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Game Name GTA 5 APK
Latest Version v1.59.5
MOD Info Full Version
Developer by Rockstar Games
Size 30 MB
Required Mobile Version Android 5.0 and up
App Category Action
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Price Free
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Information About GTA 5 Download APK

Everyone knows Grand Theft Auto. GTA 5 apk game is published by Rockstar Games. It is the most played game in the action category in the world. GTA is a full adventure game with action. this is the 5th edition in the Grand Theft Auto series published by Rockstar Games. You can now play it on your Android mobile, iOS, and tablet with the latest version. People who do not have a computer and want to enjoy this fantastic action game can now enjoy it on mobile phones as well. The game was launched in 2013 and is the most downloaded game ever on the internet.


GTA v apk is an excellent action game with important characters, exciting gameplay, and graphics. Every gamer can get a next-level gameplay experience by playing it on Android devices. You do not need to make any kind of payment for the same. It is available absolutely free of cost on our website. GTA 5 Apk Download game is mainly based on 3 characters that have been included in the life of Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillips, and Franklin Clinton. You will also have encounters with different goons and police in this game. Try to control this situation.

In GTA 5 apk download you have to use the visa to visit different cities. You will also have to take part in street gun fights and robberies whenever you go to another city using a visa. This is a very action-packed game. You should be ready to play it. You will also find a lot of weapons to fight here, which you must use. It’s really a fun game.  Action game lovers must try it on Android mobile.

What is GTA 5 APK Download?

Rockstar Game Studio is the most well-known gaming studio in the gaming industry, which publishes many excellent games. GTA 5 APK is an open-world action-adventure game published by Coby. The game was earlier compatible with PC, PS, Xbox, and other consoles.  But now it has been designed and built by the developer in such a way that it can be played on Android and tablet phones as well. GTA v apk download game has been downloaded by a lot of people in the world in a short span of time which reveals the success of this game.

GTA 5 APK Download

You must have played many action games but Grand Theft Auto 5 apk game is a different game.Everyone will enjoy partying in the famous city, fighting with criminals or police, and also enjoy late-night hanging out with girls. Some glimpses of the previous chapters are also shown later in the game.  Where drugs, racing, and violence will seem normal things to you. Also, you will be able to enjoy all this with the best graphics, features, and background music.

GTA 5 Download

A total of 22 radio stations are available for entertainment in the GTA 5 apk download.  You can enjoy playing it in online mode. Gamers will be able to enjoy the gameplay on the active station in each country. Still, new features and graphics are added to the existing game by bringing new updates by Rockstar. And strives to provide everything it needs to deliver the best gaming experience. GTA 5 mobile download now. Moreover, you can check the euro truck simulator 2 download for android devices, it’s one of the best truck simulator video games for mobile devices.

Gameplay of GTA 5 APK Download

The gameplay of the GTA 5 download mobile game is quite interesting and provides fantastic entertainment to people of all age groups. The game has three main characters named Michael, Driver, and Franklin. Players can choose any one of them to play the game. You have to choose your favorite character in the game.

GTA 5 mobile download

All three characters have different abilities. Franklin, the youngest of the three characters, is quite dominant, while Michael plays somewhat of a main character and group leader. In GTA 5 mobile apk game story, it has a different complex story due to which it sometimes needs to make decisions with emotions.

Trevor is a character with a survivalist mindset who is a pretty cool character. If you play the game with him, you will see that he has a terrible temper and treats everyone in a fierce manner.

Once you have chosen your character in GTA 5 APK, you cannot change them later during the gameplay. That’s why whatever characters you want to play with, you should choose them carefully in the beginning.

With the help of these characters, you can steal normal cars in the GTA 5 mobile, kill different people over the road and buy different weapons. And you can play the game on any car you want. You will also sometimes need to fight with the police in this game. Every gamers have to play the game carefully at that time.

GTA 5 mobile

Whenever you complete a mission in the GTA v download apk, you are provided with a lot of rewards and money by the game. Buy new technology cars and guns using that price and money. Also, use the money feature to unlock new missions. You should complete as many missions as possible so that you can earn more and more money and can make full use of them and enjoy great gameplay.

GTA v apk download

You will feel like you are playing a game in real when you play the game on your Android and tablet. GTA 5 mobile download offers quite a different gameplay than other games.

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Marvelous Features of GTA 5 APK

Real Crime & Fight

Los Santos in GTA 5 APK is a city that is plagued by corruption and crime. You will need a lot of weapons to move around in this city as there can be bloodshed anywhere. If you have an enemy coming from the front then you will need skills to deal with it. You need to take training for this, then you should also take it.

Real Graphics

The developer has used high-quality graphics in this game which works well on Android and tablet devices just like the PC version. Whenever you play the gameplay with these graphics, you will be able to play the game with good gameplay and you will feel like playing the game in real. GTA 5 download for Android now to check out this amazing feature.

Customization Option

The customization features in GTA 5 APK are quite interesting. You can use this feature to dress up your favorite characters by purchasing different clothes, shoes, and outfits. Also buy clothes of different designs and keep guns with them.

High-Quality Audio and Sound Effects

The gameplay becomes a lot of fun whenever you play a game with high-quality sound and audio. Gamers also be able to enjoy the game in this way in GTA 5 download APK on their Android mobile. While the sound of the vehicles and the horns used by them are very pleasant to hear. You must play this game to feel the real action game of the game.

Amazing Multiplayer Mode

You can also play GTA 5 mobile apk in multiplayer mode. By playing in multiplayer mode you will be able to play the game with different expert action game lovers from all over the world. You should showcase your skills well there. Whenever you win any mission in the game, you will get lots of money and prizes.

Full Access To All Newest Missions 

There are many missions provided to you by this GTA 5 mobile game. You can enjoy it by playing the game on your favorite mission. Whenever a mission is locked, you can unlock it through money features. In total, the game includes 69 missions, in which you can find shops, coffee shops, weapon shops, outlet shops, etc.

Stable And Smooth

The graphics and gameplay of this GTA 5 apk download game are compatible with all types of Android and tablets. Everyone can run it smoothly on their Android and tablet devices. You will not have any kind of hindrance during the gameplay.

Access to Small Tasks & Side Missions

Some subtle tasks are also offered to you by the GTA 5 APK game. Gamers can also earn money by completing small tasks and missions on the side. You can also do small jobs like pizza boy.

Lightweight Size

The lightweight feature of the GTA v apk makes it playable on a wide range of phones. If the version of your Android phone is 5.0 or above and the RAM of the phone is 2GB and 4GB, then you can run it very easily on your mobile phone. You will be able to get a better gaming experience from them.

Easy Game Controller

When you have seen this game playing on a computer, the controllers are very easy to understand. The same control is also available in GTA v download apk mobile version game. You must try it, try it.

Story Mode

The story mode of the GTA 5 mobile download game is quite interesting. You will also get access to play on it through this game. Gamers can explore the new world by completing different missions of playing the game in story mode on their mobile phone.

Online Mode

Online mode is also being provided by GTA 5 APK download. If you want to play online turn games with your friends then online mode will be great fun for you. You will be able to face off against different enemies in the online mode with the help of your team.

Access To All Characters

GTA 5 download for Android gives you three different types of characters. You can enjoy the whole game by playing the character of your choice.  Different characters have their own different abilities. Choose your character for gameplay based on their abilities.

Various Beautiful Locations

By playing the game on different missions, you will get a chance to play the game at different locations. Playing the GTA 5 download mobile game in different locations, you will be able to learn a lot more about the new world and also see the different cultures there.

Luxurious Cars and Heavy Bikes

For those who are fond of car racing and bike racing, this feature will be very helpful because you will get a chance to drive a sports bike with a luxurious car in GTA 5 download apk. Everyone can steal anyone’s car and drive his car wherever they want.

Heavy Weapons & Ammo

Whenever we talk about any action game, it is necessary to mention weapons. So in this game also you will be able to use different weapons to kill the criminal. Even the police can sometimes fire a gun at you, so you will also have to pay attention and steal.

How to GTA 5 Mobile Download?

GTA 5 apk download process is easy. Follow the below steps to download the game.

  1. Search “GTA V APK Download” on the browser.
  2. You will get many website results from this game.
  3. Open the “ocean of games” website results from the list.
  4. Open this action game post article.
  5. You will get a download button at the end of the article.
  6. Click on the download button.
  7. Get your action game in a few seconds.
  8. After completing of download process you should follow the below installation guide.

How to Install GTA 5 APK?

The installation process of GTA 5 APK is quite simple and easy. Follow the below-given steps to install the game.

  1. Open the setting app on a mobile device.
  2. And find the unknown resources option.
  3. Enable it if it is not enabled yet.
  4. Then open the app downloaded the file from the file manager.
  5. Click on the install button.
  6. This process takes a few seconds. 
  7. Open the action game and use it.

Frequently Asked Questions of GTA 5 APK Download

Q. Where can I download the latest version of GTA 5 APK?

You can now GTA v apk download for absolutely free from the OceanofGames website. From there you will be able to download this application in the latest version without any hindrance.

Q. Can I play this action game on my Android and iOS devices?

Not only you can play this great action game on Android and iOS devices but you can also play it on tablets. You will get a realistic gaming experience whenever you play this game on the tablet.

Q. Does this game require the internet to play?

Online mode is also available in this game. If you want to play the game in online mode then you will need an internet connection.  Otherwise, you can play this game in offline mode also without an internet connection.

Q. Does GTA 5 APK require verification to play on mobile?

If you download this game from our website, then you do not need to do any type of verification and this game will work 100% on your Android mobile.

Q. Is GTA 5 Download For Android Offline Available?

You can also play this game in offline mode. You will not need any kind of internet connection or wifi for this.

Final Messages

GTA 5 APK download is overall a great action game where you will be able to do a lot of adventure and action and you can also make your own city in the world of crime. Different cars and weapons will help you to make your place in the new city. The GTA 5 apk gameplay with graphics will give you a tremendous gaming experience. You will be able to enjoy it on your device for hours and hours. No matter what age person it will provide free time entertainment for everyone. You should download this game in the latest version and enter yourself into a real action game. Where you can make your mark in the city. Where you also be rule the whole city.

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