Bully: Anniversary Edition APK v1.0.0.19 ( Mod + OBB) Free

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Game Name Bully Anniversary Edition APK
Latest Version v1.0.0.19
Publisher By Rockstar Games
Download Size 2.2 GB
Platform Android
Game Style Action
Mode Unlimited Money & Mega Menu
Required Android Version Android 8.0 and Above
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Price Free
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About Bully Anniversary Edition APK

Bully Anniversary Edition apk is a popular action game. Which is a game based on an exciting story. This is a very interesting game in the gaming world in terms of its special features, graphics, engaging gameplay. This great game is developed by Rockstar Games. Rockstar game which is successful in the gaming world. Because Rockstar game every time presents new things for gamers in its own unique way.

Bully anniversary edition apk

Bully anniversary edition download game also covers a lot of pro features like unlimited money and a mod menu. If you want to download the latest version of this game then it is available on our website for free. Here you will get to see a lot of action moves. Rockstar has made a really amazing game by showing all this action with a great story.

What Is Bully Anniversary Edition APK?

Bully anniversary edition is an action-packed adventure game. It is the most played game in the action game category. If you are fond of playing action games, then you must download and play this game once. The latest version of this game is also available on Google Play Store and also on many other websites. This game has been downloaded by more than millions of people from Google Play Store. The game is designed by the developer in such a way that the game feels real while playing it.

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Gameplay of Bully Anniversary Edition APK

Bully anniversary edition apk obb game starts with a beautiful story. In this game, Jimmy Hopkins is playing the main character who is stubborn in nature. Who is taken to Bulworth Academy by his father and mother for 1 year. This academy is known for improving children by giving training to unruly and determined children.

In Bully anniversary edition download, the difficulties that Jimmy faces when he goes to the academy for training are also well described in the game. Children are given training on how to control bullying, fighting, pranks, bullying, etc. activities. Not only does getting the training but Jimmy also has to face a lot of trouble in this story.

Bully anniversary edition downlo

Corruption is on the rise in the academy and officers also behave rudely without any reason. Jimmy also has conflicts with these people many times. When you do bully apk download then you will get all this things. You have to form a team in the school and unite to face these badass people. You will also have to go through very extreme conditions here. Putting all this aside, Jimmy has the responsibility of taking care of his first love as well. You will also be able to become a leader in this school.

Many times such a situation will also arise, you will have to make a terrible strategy in bully anniversary edition apk obb to win the battle. At that time you will not even have weapons, you will have to face this situation by taking decisions with your intelligence. To reach from one place to another, you have to take the help of a bicycle, rollerblade, scooter and skate boat. The game does not include the use of any type of car for transportation.

Features of Bully Anniversary Edition APK

Amazing Gameplay

Along with the fun game story, Bully anniversary edition apk also gives us interesting gameplay. You will be able to see Jimmy in different trouble in a unique way. Jimmy deals with complex events and challenges in a determined and decisive manner. The developer has built the game mostly around the main character. You will get to see this kind of gameplay in very few action games.

Bully anniversary download apk

Stunning Graphics

Rockstar Games always gives the highest priority to graphics in every game. Because graphics and game stories play a major role in a successful game. Graphics have also been used well in this game. Which works well on all types of mobile phones even if the mobile screen size is slightly less. The game has been greatly improved by using high-resolution graphics as well as shadow lighting. Overall, the graphics have taken the gameplay to a very high level.

Support of Physical Controllers

The Bully anniversary edition free download, you can play it without any hindrance even with external physical supports. You can also play this game by connecting a third-party controller. You will not have to face any problems with this. Such a facility is rarely seen in other games. But you must enjoy these features of this game.

Saving Games In The Cloud

Rockstar Games has added a cloud save feature to these games so that you can take advantage of them on other devices as well. This is a very helpful feature whenever you want to continue the game from where you left off and play it on another phone. Our game data is saved in the cloud so that every gamer does not have to start over from scratch. You have to create your account in bully anniversary edition apk obb for this. The progress of the game can be increased to a very high level by these. When your mobile phone is not charged, you can play it on other phones also.

Different Challenges

Both Single player and multiplayer modes are available here. You can practice the game in single-player mode. You can enhance your skill in multiplayer mode by becoming an expert in single-player games. By playing the game in online mode you will be able to face different challenges. Play this game with your close friends in the online mode.

Enjoyable Operations

Players will be able to enter the real game world in Bully anniversary edition apk. And will be able to control any character very well. The game has given a different experience by using TouchSense haptic effect technology. This technology gives us the feel of the real game. You will feel that you are actually seeing everything in front of your eyes. It will give you a lot of fun experiences in online mode.

How to Bully Anniversary Edition Download on Mobile?

The download process for bully anniversary edition is quite simple. You need to follow just simple download steps.

  1. First, open the browser on your phone.
  2. After opening the browser, search for “download bully anniversary edition”.
  3. You will get the result of many websites on this keyword.
  4. You have to find “Ocean of games” in it.
  5. Once you have found the website, click on that site to download it.
  6. When the website opens, you will find the download button at the end of the post.
  7. Scroll down the article and find the download button.
  8. Click on download.
  9. The game will be downloaded in a short time, then install as well.

Install Process of Bully Anniversary Edition APK OBB

Installing bully anniversary edition is very simple. Install them by following the steps given below.

Frequently Asked Questions of Bully Anniversary Edition APK

Q. Can I play games with friends in Bully anniversary edition apk?

Yes, if you want to play games with your friends then you can play online mode by sending invitations to them. Playing the game in online mode is very fun in this game.

Q. Can this game be downloaded for free?

Yes, you will be able to download this game for free from our website. Its free version is available. Download them now from the button given below.

Q. Bully anniversary edition download available on the play store?

Yes, this game is available on play store. If you want to download its modified version, then you will be able to download it from other gaming websites.

Q. Is it possible to play mini-games in this game?

Yes, you will be able to download this game and enjoy different mini-games from this game.

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